Simply Chefs Open Temporary Food Bank For Covid-19

Simply Chefs Ltd have decided to open its doors during this crisis as a temporary food bank to help the local community, most importantly, those in our area who are elderly or vulnerable that have been advised by our Government to self isolate.

"within the coming weeks” the elderly and people with certain health conditions will be put into quarantine for “a very long time”. He admitted it would be “a very big ask” Matt Hancock

Officially a Recruitment Consultancy supplying temporary and permanent staff to all sides of the Hospitality industry, but due to the current pandemic that is Covid-19 have decided that we need to give something back to the community we work within day in day out.

Our idea is to ask businesses, clients that we are in contact with whether they will be willing to support us with any food or supplies that are unneeded, because of the amount of cancellations and closures, that we could use to give to the local area.

Day 1 saw us kick this project into action having a meeting with the parents from the local school in how everyone can get involved. We got in contact with some major hotels and businesses throughout the area and had our first batch of non perishable foods.

Day 1 - Food bank project

Day 2 saw us need 2 Chest freezers to fill with frozen food donated to us from a big well know supplier of the industry, in which we thank them and the kind people who have let us lend their freezer. The produce that we have been given grown massively making us think about how much we can impact the area.

Day 2 - Food bank project

By the end of Day 2 we saw the news that all restaurant and various hospitality outlets were to close indefinitely with the announcement that they will review every month.

"We are telling cafes, pubs, bars and restaurants to close tonight... and not to open tomorrow" Boris Johnson

By Day 5 (Monday 23rd March) seen us grow even more, by doubling the food and supplies we had been given. We have had generous donations from, All Bar One, Bethel Church Oldbury and help from the local community.

Day 5 - Food Bank Project

Day 6 saw us in a different situation, being the first day the UK has been put into lockdown. This meant tighter measures on all non essential workers, but we still feel passionate about helping the local community.

Today was an amazing day which saw Stuart and Adam carrying on this great work when the rest of the UK is in Lockdown. We collected food from local Hotels and Conference centers so we can start to pack care packages ready to go out to the local community this week.

Day 6 - Food Bank Project

Day 7, Wow what a week we have had since starting the food bank;
- Support from local community
- Restaurants, pubs and other outlets close their doors
- More support from locals
- UK goes into lockdown
- We deliver our first 10 bags to cancer patients.

Today saw Adam and Stu pack over 150 bags ready to give to the local community with the addition of boxing up 1000 eggs.

We also saw our first 10 bag go to local cancer patients that are self isolating #lets beat this

Day 7 - Food Bank Project

Day 8 saw Adam and Stu get ready to hand out our packages to the local community. If you know anyone within the local area of Sheldon Birmingham, please let me know as we can deliver packages to you.

Alternatively if you are able to get out, you can pick a package between 10am - 4pm Monday-Friday. Just head up to our Simply Chefs office on the Arden Oak Road.

Day 8 - Food Bank Project

Day 9 saw Stu and Adam pack even more food. They have packed 6 larger boxes to hand out to families within the area.

Also they gave out bags to walkers by (adhering to social distancing) to hand out to people on their own streets.

We finally gave Edel, who works with a lot of charities in the area (Fireside Digbeth) all of the fresh perishable goods, which she passed onto The Real Junk Food Project in Handsworth. Such community Spirit!!!

This is just the start of what plans we have to support people through Covid-19 and we would like to thank everyone that has joined in to support us through this tough time. Thank you, stay safe and watch this space.............